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“Karnataka Women Home Guards find a new fitness regime”
– ANI Press Release
Karnataka State Women Home Guards personnel attended the program designed by UFA Foundation & backed by Bajaj Capital Foundation.
The fitness program known as ‘Bhramari’ is a 30-minute body, mind energy workout that increases energy levels making day-to-day work easier and comfortable. It combines core strength training with motifs of the ancient movement practice of The Anchor Practice (TAP).
The scientifically designed programme was initiated at KSFER headquarters with the support of DGP, Dr Amar Kumar Pandey, IPS and his team.
“Women homeguards have a tough job. They have to stay on top of their game to perform their duties. This fitness programme will help them in improving mental alertness and response,” DGP Dr Amar Kumar Pandey, IPS said.
“Fitness is an essential aspect of our lives. With this programme, we endeavour towards improving the overall physical, mental and emotional well-being of women personnel. Thanks to advancement in medical technology, life expectancy of people has gone up to 100 years of age. Hence, it is extremely important to take care of one’s health,” said Rajiv Bajaj, Chairman, Bajaj Capital Limited.
The program was attended by senior officers of the department. “Fitness is more than just physical. Mind & body are not separate. Bhramari is a customized body-mind spirit integrated programme for women in forces helping them deal better with daily rigors “Yoddhanante Atma, Neeranante Manasu, Maradaante Deha” meaning bringing the spirit like a warrior, mind like water & body like tree, that is grounded, centred and open,” said Ravish Dhamija, Chairman & MD, UFA Foundation.
7th Oct 2022
Bengaluru, India
DGP, Dr Amar Kumar Pandey, IPS
Karnataka State Women Home Guards personnel
UF Team :
Ravish Dhamija – Lead Coach