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“A fitness regime for the Bengaluru police, designed by UFA Foundation, kickstarted recently. This 10-week functional fitness program concentrates on increasing their energy levels and making their routine work easier and comfortable”
– The Indian Express coverage of the pilot program
With the support of, then DCP Vikash Kumar Vikash – IPS, UFA Foundation initiated Boot Camp X project to improve the function, form and energy of the KSP Kothanur Police Men. As UFA Foundation strives for optimal and sustainable lifestyle changes the KSP felt like a natural partner in our continuing effort to improve Bengaluru’s fitness levels. The initial measurement of the Kothanur men showed an Urban Fitness Index of 5.636. Compare this to the Urban Fitness Index of the Bengaluru civilian population which is at 5.902.
The men went through Boot Camp X – a 10-week program focusing on functional fitness & nutrition changes, improving energy, and optimizing form. Functional fitness refers to an individual’s ability to perform day to day activities with ease & form in general refers to their physical parameters.
The Boot Camp X program ended on 15/1/2016. The UFA Foundation team evaluated the Men’s Index at the end of the program. The Index improved to 6.545 which is a 12.6% increase in less than 10-weeks.
UFA Foundation received feedback during the boot camp and here are a few examples; “Minor aches and pains have vanished.”, “Improved stamina & energy levels.”, “l feel that it is much easier to move around.”
UFA Foundation looks forward to continuing to support the KSP with scientifically based fitness programming helping each and everyone within the KSP to perform at an optimal level.
18th November 2015
10 Weeks
XLR8 Indoor sports arena – kothanur
DCP Vikash Kumar Vikash – IPS
15 police men from kothanur police station
UF Team :
Ravish Dhamija – Lead Coach
musheer ahmed – assistant coach
Petter olsson – Nutrition Guide
Vanishree – Admin & PR Support